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 Sarah Myers is a self-taught artist born in 1980. She creates artworks in a varied and vivid range from simple line sketches in charcoal, ink or pencil to ornate figurative sculptures in ceramic.

“I am fascinated by direct representation of the human, their character, their physical nature; expressive faces, hands, movement. Always the great art of the past exerts a huge influence in guiding my understanding of what I see and record today. I want a brighter, larger world for myself and others, a future full of light and vitality. I experienced a dark, isolated childhood with controlling influences I have only escaped as a mature adult; and through all of this the art, which I worked on from before I could read or write, formed another sphere; an existence in which there could be grandeur, excitement, good-nature; even simply hope. It's my desire to bring this sense of possibility and beauty to those looking at or owning my creations.

   “From 2003 onward I have been using special ceramic materials in my sculpture, earthenwares and stonewares from formulas originated by my sister Amy Myers.  Again the warm reality of terracotta, for instance, ties artistic memory to the creators of antiquity – back through dim vistas of prehistory - whose anonymous fingers shaped figures from red clay just as I am doing now.  I have grown confident over the years that the raw bulk of material will respond correctly to my touch, granting the artistic expression I look for.  And that, with good success, the forms will come clean and perfect from the white-hot temperatures of a kiln-fire.  The same reassurance comes to me from the dark line curving its way over the blank paper as I draw.

   “New and old, light and shadow, motion and stillness, all definite, intense, and ultimately responding to human life and desires – these are the artist's materials, the substance recorded by mind and eye before ever finding tangible shape in clay, on canvas, on paper.  It is my hope that in my hands, as they become clear images and concrete objects, they also find their way as building-bricks of a structure expansive, bright and welcoming to the human soul.”  


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